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Our client list and content delivered (so far) includes:
Government/ Crown
Corporations/ Agencies
Ripstar Logistics Ottawa  ON
Adecco Inc. Ottawa, ON
Stonehaven Productions, Montreal QC
Accuro Logistics, Ottawa, ON
Nexient Inc., Ottawa ON
Innovapost, Ottawa ON
Infojed Inc., Montréal QC
Titan Consulting, Ottawa ON
IBM Canada, Ottawa ON
Crosskeys Systems, Ottawa ON
Rolls Royce Canada, Dorval QC.
Precision Auto Tech, Ottawa ON
FTD Florists of Ontario, Toronto ON
Bourk's Ignition Ltd., Ottawa ON
Lasalle College, Montréal QC
Canada Post
Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council
Royal Ottawa Hospital Client Empowerment
Elections Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canada Border Services
Canada School of Public Service
Environment Canada
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
House of Commons Security Services
Justice Canada
Solicitor General of Canada
Canadian International Development Agency
Citizenship and Immigration
For Supervisors and Managers:
For Staff:
Professional Vehicle Driving Behaviours
Commercial Vehicle Driver Onboarding
Becoming an Effective Peer Mentor Trainer
Order Validation and Verification
Inventory Management /Outbounding
Portable Data Terminals and Point of Sale
Material Handling Equipment (MMHE and MHE) 
Workplace Safety -  Best Practices
Safe Lifting/Ergonomic Procedures
Law/Regulations Enforcement Tactics
Customer Service/Relationship Management 
SAP System - User Processes
Workplace Hazard Prevention/Reporting
Workplace Violence Prevention
Emergency Response Procedures
Interpersonal/Communication Skills
Empowerment/Decision Making/ Problem Solving
Federal Election Poll Operation (DRO and Poll Clerk)
Retail/Customer Service Skills
Supervising Commercial Vehicle Operations
Managing Contract Delivery Personnel
Managing Peer Mentor Trainers & Apprentices
Strategic Planning for Volunteer Committees
Material Handling Equipment Operator Evaluation
Tourism Supervisor Certification Training
Collection & Delivery Route Design and Optimization
CLC - Incident and Accident Investigation
Duty to Accommodate - Employees with Disabilities
Health and Safety Management
Leadership and Coaching for Performance
LEAN/Six Sigma Problem Solving (white/yellow belt)
Interviewing Techniques
Operations Management/Productivity
Communication and Conflict Resolution
Human Rights/Workplace Violence Prevention
Business Excellence Assessment
Customer Relationship Management
Commercial Sales Philosophies/Strategies
Federal Election Poll Supervision
operator employee
operator employee training
supervisor manager executive training
operator employee poll clerk training
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